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Well, I finally bit the bullet and am planning a Buffalo hunt with Mick.

Done all the reading, ashby, andy, etc, but still have several questions.

I am basically going to be working to put together 3 setups
1) 64# @ 31" Rampart Recurve - My go to elk bow
2) Low-Mid 70's @ 31" longbow that I am having built - have an excuse, and not totally sold that the 64# is ideal (I can shoot fine in the low 70's, so why not take advantage of it)
3) 55-60lb compound for my Dad (blasphemy I know, but he's in his upper 70's and is not there with trad gear). Hoping to get a similar arrow setup to one of mine with a couple modifications to properly tune. Figure the bow will probably have similar if not more energy than mine, so using the same concepts of strong FOC, 2 blade heads, single bevel, etc will help him over a 'common' compound setup for buffalo.  

Since the 64# is in my hands I have been playing with that. Got it shooting 915gr arrows (CX 350's Weight tubes, 250 gr head), and they tuned well, but not happy with the FOC or broadhead options that weight.  Have thought about trying Easton FMG DG 300's with a 300gr or 315gr head as an alternative - slightly less deflection so should allow a little more weight up front to help FOC.  I always liked the FMJ's narrow, slick shaft and composite design.

First question: Has anyone produced a commercial internal footing? The reading has me concerned about snapping an arrow behind the head (especially if I go with hidden inserts on the FMJ's) I like the idea of an internal to get the weight up front and allow a little more reasonability in spine without increasing diameter. If not, are there any good sources to learn how to make an internal footing?

Second: Is VPA single bevel in production? I already shoot VPAs and think they are stout and great head, but would like to go with a single bevel.

Third: How much FOC is sufficient? I read about HFOR, EFOC, UFOC, but there are limits within reasonable ability to tune. What should I be looking for as a baseline before I chunk a shaft and start on a stiffer option.

Any and all advice appreciated.

ozy clint:
when are you hunting? i have come up with a BH adapter, insert, internal footing all in one. i'm tuning with the prototype now. when i get it tuned i'm going to get a batch made on a CNC lathe. i'm shooting axis arrows and with a 300gr tuffhead and a 6.75" external footing the total point weight is 730gr. this can be lightened by trimming my 'supadapter'.
PM if interested.

Going in mid-June of this year.

Also, have seen a couple poor reviews of some of the high end single bevels anyone with such experience, please  PM me so I know why to watch out for.


It seems to me you could alleviate your concern by simply gluing the broad head and hit insert together and then gluing them in as a unit...I also think your goal ought to be the DG250 rather than the may find the key to getting them to tune is finding just the right "skinny" string


Are you a RH or LH shooter?  I will tell you this as far as single bevels are concerned.  The Tuffheads are a great head, but the adapters are the weakest link for them.  If you plan on using a glue on, the VPA single bevel heads are great.  I prefer the profile of the tuffheads, but have seen VPA single bevels do fine on water buffalo.  I may have a few stashed somewhere if you can't find any.  If you are trying to get alot of FOC on your arrows, you are going to make it difficult with the dangerous game shafts since they are so heavy.  Same thing with weight tubes.  I used gold tip kinetic 200 shaft, but was using a little heavier setup than you will be.  I had mine cut down to 30", though.  I had 100 grain inserts in the shafts, 100 grain broadhead inserts, and 300 grain tuffheads on the business end, which gave a pretty good FOC.  If you are LH, give me a buzz.  I might have a setup that I would let you borrow for your hunt, if you are interested.


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