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A great jerky recipe


the Ferret:
The Very Best Venison Jerky Recipe by The Ferret

        Select lean cuts of meat and cutting with grain slice into 3/8" thick x 1" wide

        Remove any fat or sinew

        Baste on Colgin's liquid smoke (both sides of meat)

        Sprinkle with granulated sugar -both sides (from a shaker)

        Sprinkle with Lowrey's seasoned salt-both sides

        Sprinkle with McCormick's pepper medley-both sides

        Put in fridge to marinate for 24 hrs

        Lay strips in food dehydator and cook for 12 hrs & check (then every 3 hours
        until done...may take up to 22 hours to cook in dehydrator)

        Meat should crack when bent but not break or snap

        If cooking in oven put toothpicks in meat and hang between racks

        Set oven on lowest cooking setting

        Crack door open to 1st stop

        Check after 12 hours and then every 3 hours until done

        Everybody raves about my jerky and I've used it on deer,  elk, and
        caribou. There is no Soy or Teriaki used which IMO pollutes the flavor of
        the meat. This is a great "meat" recipe. The pepper gives it a bit of bite
        depending on how much you use. Try it I guarantee you'll love it and never
        make jerky any other way again.


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