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George D. Stout:
One of my favorites at camp is potatoes, cut in pieces and rolled in Lipton Onion Soup Mix.  Add a quarter stick of butter and wrap with heavy duty foil.  You won't need any other spices or salt. About twenty minutes on each side and it's ready.  UMMMM,  UMMMM   :p

We use trail meals quite a bit in camp throwing about everything but the kitchen sink in the foil.  It always comes out great whether its venison, fish, or some other meat with the veggies.

Al Snow:
That sounds great!  When we go camping, my wife always makes up some "hobo dinners" -- cubed potatoes, carrots, onion, a beef or venison burger pattie, and salt and pepper, double-wrapped in foil.  About 20 minutes on the grill or in campfire coals and you're ready to eat!  We eat them right out of the foil packet so there's less cleanup.

George, that sounds awsome!  I'm gonna try that.

Dave Bulla:
We make one a lot that is a little involved for camping but great at the house.

Take some regular dry rice and brown slightly in melted butter and garlic.  Add an equal amount of water and simmer until soaked into the rice.  For example, 2 cups rice uses 2 cups water.  This is only 1/2 the amount of water you would normally use for standard rice.  

You can make either small single serving size packets or a big mondo casserole size one.  We usually do the big ones.  Butter the foil well and spread about a 1/2" thick layer of the rice on a piece of foil leaving plenty of space to fold the foil after adding veggies.  About anything that would be in chinese food works well.  We slice up cabbage, onion, bell pepper and carrots. Add snow peas and throw on some bean sprouts.  Then put a handful of either shrimp, fish pieces, raw sliced chicken or beef (sliced good and thin) and add some cajun spice, salt and fresh cilantro.  

For beef or chicken some soy or terriaki sauce is good but fish and shrimp I like best with just the cajun spice, cilantro and a couple gobs of butter.  A good squeeze of lime makes it awsome!

Seal very tightly but leave some slack in the foil.  Place on the grill with the rice side down.  It takes about 20 to 40 minutes depending on how big you make them but basically when it's done it should puff a little from the steam.  Kinda like an old Jiffy Pop.  Be careful though, if you accidently poke a hole in it it won't puff up at all.

When done, the rice should be browned slightly on the bottom side.  When we make a big one (10"X15" or so) we turn it upside down in a casserole dish when done and cut the foil to expose the nicely browned rice.  All the veggies will be on the bottom then.

MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Gooooood!!!!!



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