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New Memberships


Bow man:
More things are starting to get worked out
If you would like to mail a check for your membership mail it to with all your info and an email if possible.

Memberships are $25 for 1 year $65 for 3 years and $100 for 5 years

MTB membership
PO Box 22,
Brethren MI 49619

Jon Stewart:
Thanks for the post Dave. Will be mailing mine out and will include funds for a gift membership for my son and his family.

Bow man:
Thank you Jon

Steve D:
Who  do I make check out to? Thanks

Bow man:

--- Quote from: Steve D on July 19, 2020, 05:23:51 PM ---Who  do I make check out to? Thanks

--- End quote ---

Michigan Traditional Bowhunters.  Please be sure to put your address and email on a note inside the envelope

Also a correction on price $25 one year  $65 for 3  $95 for 5 year

Sorry late finding this


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