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Jon Stewart:
As of this past Sunday things are looking up for the MTB.

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Please expand on this

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Thanks Jon

Bow man:
Sorry I have not been on here yet. I assume you are talking about the Board Jon.

The current board is still working through many different things and working out many bugs.  There was another meeting yesterday on Zoom and more things are in progress.   We now have the Facebook Page under our control. There is a new paypal link there for signing up for membership. Watch for updates there as well as here, Also we are getting started on a new website. maybe a few weeks but it is coming. 

The Jamboree for this year is in danger we due to virus. we will be watching the situation and making the decision based on the instructions from the Government.  And yes we are looking at the dates for next year and also looking at the option and talking with hanson hills of returning there next year. we will have to base that decision off of cost and if there is a date that works there

I will keep updates going here on Trad Gang


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