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Need some inspiration, missed my first shot


Long time compound guy, converted to a recurve for good mid season last year.  Very first time out last season, not kidding, with all of my compound and now crossbow buddies at our annual camp and two huge bucks walked out to eat apples at 34 yards.  If I had my compound, one of them would have died, not comfortable with a 34 yard recurve shot.  I was bummed but thrilled with the experience.  So awesome experience, wrong weapon.

Then, at the same camp last week, very first night, I missed a seven pointer at 12 yards.  Never would have missed with my compound.  Sailed over the back.....didn't pick a spot (shoot instinctual) in my panic.  My buddies are pulling for me but I have to admit that when we had five and four deer hanging at the last two camps and I am not participating in the annual doe purge of our property, I have to admit it's tough.  I just can't be as productive as I used to be and keep up with the gang, old stands and trees that require greater range are obsolete, etc.  It's completely starting over.  Don't get me wrong, love my recurve but the transition is challenging at my age after years of compound hunting.  Anyone out there who was challenged by the transition vs. all on here who claim they "never looked back"?

It's definitely challenging, but that's what makes it exciting (for me anyways). Yes, it's sometimes tough knowing you could have easily made a lethal shot with another weapon and having to watch a big buck walk away and/or have another hunter shoot the deer shortly after you see it with a more modern weapon at an extended range. It makes the kill a lot more meaningful when you finally get within range and connect so hang in there! I've found hunting with trad gear has made me a better hunter. You will have to plan diligently, consider wind direction more carefully, think like a deer, move/setup stands for closer shots (I literally have them a few yards away from existing stands because it makes that much of a difference). To force myself to not fall back on "old habits", I sold my compound so I would have to get proficient with trad gear or not have venison to eat for the year. Good luck with your journey and enjoy the experience.


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