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Armguards for Sale (pics and prices)
« on: January 11, 2019, 03:38:38 PM »
This is what I have available for sale. Classic armguards 5 chestnuts 1cognac $120, Classic Supreme Stamped, basket stamp 1 chestnut 1 cognac $170, Snake 2 cognacs $170. Classic Supreme Tooled Wyoming Wildflower 1 chestnut $220, Oak Leaf 1 chestnut 1 cognac $220, Andrus Scroll 1 chestnut 2 cognac $220. For the Hidden Knife Combos I only have three knives but a few guards to chose from. The knives are black micarta handles made by Terry Knipschield. I have the Classic 1 chestnut 1 cognac $270, Classic Supreme Tooled Basket Stamped 2 chestnut 1 cognac $320, Snake 1 chestnut $320. I can do PayPal and they fit in a flat rate small box USPS shipping is not included. I can not get all these pictures up but if you text me I can easily send more pictures or answer questions. Cell is 307 587 9979.
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