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Mark Poynor--Station on Fort Jackson--

John R. Graves:
I just moved here to the low country (Bluffton) from Colorado.  Really haven't had a chance to shoot or get a feel for the traditional archery climate here.  I thought I'd start on, feeling my way along to get re-immersed in the traditional archery community.

Charlie Hoff here.  Retired Navy.  30 years.  Live in Colleton County. Love to shoot trad.  Hunt with Trad, thank goodness for supermarkets.  Go to Manchester State Forest several times a year to deer and turkey hunt.  Camp at Poinsett State Park up there with homemade camper. 

I’ve camped there a couple times and keep saying I need to check out Manchester state forest! Maybe I could tag along one weekend next season and learn some tricks from the master!?

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It's a nice place up there.  25000 acres with hardwoods, pines, creek bottoms, and swamps.   A friend and I always go up there the first week of October.  It's the first week of firearms(he doesn't bowhunt) but I always take my bow. Then we go up in Nov and Dec for a few days.  We've been going up there for 20 years. Very little pressure. They have lottery dog hunts up there that start the middle of October two days a week. Sat and Mon.  Each hunt different area.  Gotta check rules book when still hunting is open (not on a dog hunt day). They have an archery only area the whole season (probably around 1000 or more acres.  I have never run into another bowhunter in there. We normally camp and hunt during the week. ( both retired). 


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