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Half of my shots go up and right

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Right hand archer.

1969 52" browning nomad stalker 47#. Not a target bow by any means.

Participating in archery canada mailmatch. Canadian 300 round at 18m. My best so far has been 212/300.

Half of my shots group up and right.
I am not aware of anything I am doing differently shot to shot, but obviously something is changing. Any ideas of what I should look out for? I know this bow will be super twitchy being 52" but any help would be appreciated.


My best guess would be that you are letting your bow drift up and right just prior to release.  Typically we are focusing on the target at this moment, and aren’t paying much attention to what our bow arm is doing.  You can tighten up your bow arm by rotating your bow arm shoulder into better alignment as you expand.  It will feel like you're pushing forward with your bow arm, and your bow arm will move forward, but as a result of the bow arm shoulder rotating into better alignment, not any direct push by the bow arm.

Second, make sure you're not exerting a downward pull with your string arm.  A downward pull with the string arm will cause an upward tilt of the arrow, resulting in a high miss.  In other words, keep a level or slightly high string arm elbow. Make sure it doesn't dip down below the level of the arrow.

BTW, welcome to TradGang!

Thanks. I will try to find a video of what you are talking about.

This is a good illustration of what I was talking about.  Notice that when he draws the bow without rotating the shoulders into alignment, a line through his shoulders points to the left of the target.  When he rotates his shoulders into alignment, a line through his shoulders points toward the target.  Kaminsky's point is that this alignment will help accuracy, which is true, but one way it helps accuracy is to keep the bow arm from drifting up.

As to my second point, I don't know of a specific video.  Just don't let your string side elbow droop below the level of the arrow.

New to Tradgang, thanks for letting me join.

With the exception of 2 extreme flyers, your shots are predominantly vertically dispersed.   Could be form, could be aim, could be a shorty bow at 18M :goldtooth:

Can I suggest you try a couple of things

1)  shoot the same at 1/2 the distance.  if things tighten back up, then consider if your focus is moving as range increases
2) shoot with a vertical and horizontal tape across the target.  Work on 1 direction at a time.  In this case, vertical. 
3) get a friend to video you and see if your form is moving a bit
4) number your shots.  Is the string moving with time on target

47 lbs, and 52 inches is not an easy ask.   little changes can move you around a lot.   Considering your left right dispersion, you are close to getting this to shrink a bit

Have fun



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