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2023 season recap

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Way to be! Push through and overcome a tough recovery process to come back and make the most of a season! Way to be! :clapper:

Thanks Connor!

I'm hoping for quite a bit less adversity to overcome in 2024, so far so good.   

 :clapper: :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

I know how you felt Jim. I had my hip replacement surgery in March. But I was ready and in the woods with my bow by September.  :bigsmyl:

Great job Jim! You are a tough son of a gun! :clapper:

Thanks Frank and thanks for all your advice and help. I knew your hip surgery wouldn't slow you down and I was happy you were able to hunt this season pain free.

Thanks Jed,  I don't know how tough I am but I'm definitely stubborn , just ask my wife.   :laughing:


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