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“Snap shooting “ vs holding at full draw observations

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I always try and strive for more accuracy in my shooting . I have been a snap shooter since day 1 and developed my own “style” of shooting technique this way. As a curiosity and striving to optimize my accuracy, I tried holding at full draw. Physically I can, mentally, it seemed impossible. As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t if I kept my eyes open. My internal trigger keeps going off causing me to let the arrow on its way. When I did succeed in holding ( 1/2 second maybe), my accuracy was so bad, it’s embarrassing. As soon as I go back to what’s ingrained in my subconscious, my accuracy improved dramatically.
Just wondering if anyone else had something similar happen to them . Overthinking for me, really gets in the way . The less I “think”, the better I do .  :campfire:

Anything you try that is different from what you're used to is likely to reduce your accuracy until you become accustomed to it.  I think it's natural that we have expectations about how easy or how hard it will be to make any particular change, and when it is a lot harder than we expected, we question whether it's worth it.

An example might be learning how to shoot left handed.  Most people can get the nack of it pretty quickly, but they don't shoot as well as they are capable of shooting until they put the time in to master it.  It's only after one masters it that one can really evaluate whether he is better off shooting left handed or right handed.

I suspect it's the same thing about holding at full draw.  It was really hard for me to learn how to hold at full draw too.  In fact, it may have been what brought on the target panic I have struggled with for the past 10 years.  Now that I have worked my way through the target panic and learning how to hold to the point that I shoot better that way, I wouldn't switch back.  And I’m not really sure that my target panic was caused by holding anyway.  But was it worth wasting ten years of shooting like $hit to get here?  Probably not, and if I had spent the last ten years perfecting my snap shooting instead, maybe I would be shooting even better than I do now.  And maybe I would have gotten target panic anyway….

Oh well, I can't live my life worrying about woulda, coulda, shoulda..  I’m in a good place with my shooting right now, and it's probably best to just leave it at that.

I suffered from target panic for many years. Mostly brought on from buck fever and shooting too much weight. I got sick of dealing with it and forced myself to come to anchor. It was really ugly at first but didn't take long to get past most of it. Although I feel it's like being an alcoholic in that you're never cured. You just hold it at bay. I have to be careful not to start snap shooting again.  So lately I've been working on holding just a hair longer. That 1/2 - 1 second pause makes a big difference in my accuracy. I'd like to be able to hold for 3-4 seconds but I'm not there yet. I don't need to but just want to be able to be when my eye lines up on that shot, it's usually gone.

Thank you gentlemen for your insight. I’m slowly trying to continue to hold even for that 1/2 second longer. My accuracy does improve when I am able to do that . Hope to keep it up.

My "snap shooting" was target panic. I didn't like feeling like I wasn't in control or that I could hold back my release and draw down up to that very last moment of my shot. What helped me was to focus on something else until I reached anchor, then focused on my spot and release. I also practiced holding and then drawing down once I transferred focus on my spot. That helped a lot.


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