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My point on is literally 10-20 yards which is why I’m confused.  I started with the point at the bottom of the target and hit the bottom of the target. Then did it 8 more times before switching to dead center and hit dead center. It just doesn’t seem quite right. One note is the bow is not tillered for 3 under, so maybe that has something to do with it. It’s also 65# so I do t know if that would make a difference. I have one on order for 3 under so maybe that will change things.

When I anchor middle finger in the corner of my mouth, and shoot 3 under, the nock of the arrow is right under my cheekbone, which puts it more than an inch below my eye.  This is what gives me a negative gap at 20 yards: the fact that the arrow is more than an inch below my eye.  The farther below my eye the nock is, the greater the gaps will be at 20 yards.  For example, those who commonly shoot at Olympic distances of 70 meters like to anchor under their chin, which puts the arrow even further below the eye and moves the point on out closer to the distance they are shooting.

How far below your eye is your nock when the arrow is at full draw?

Just for fun, try anchoring with your index finger in the corner of your mouth and see what happens at 20 yards.

Then try anchoring with your index finger touching the bottom of your chin and see what happens at 20 yards.

Finally got my new bow, a beauty Toelke whistler, and got back to trying the gap shooting. I still can’t seem to figure out how to focus the field point on the spot. It’s very blurry and multiple points.  When I try I naturally hitting left about a foot.  The up and down is better now having about a 10-12” gap but it’s very hard to tell where I’m holding the point.  I tried closing my left I just to see and I can much easier see point but I have to aim a foot low and a foot right. Are these normal things to be dealing with when trying gap shooting. I shot it well instinctive  though.  :biglaugh:

When you say you're squinting your left eye, I assume that means that you are shooting a right handed bow.  You also said you are ambidextrous, which I would take to mean that you really don't have a dominant eye, left or right.  So when you test yourself for eye dominance, does it  sometimes come out right and other times left?  If so, I guess you just have to pick one eye and go with it. Assuming you have this problem, you're always going to have to squint or close the eye that is not over the arrow.

As far as focusing the field point on the spot, you shouldn't do that.  You should always focus on the spot, and not the field point. You should be aware of the field point in your out of focus peripheral vision, but not focus on it.  After you squint or close your eye that is not over the arrow, you should see only one point.  If you see more than one point after closing your off eye, it gets a little over my pay grade.


I figured it out. I continued to shoot 1’ left and came to find I am left eye dominant.  I took my daughters 15# left hand bow out and it worked perfectly.  Held 1’ below and dead in line left to right and hit dead center every time. So now I have to decide if I need to switch over lefty or just go back to split vision/instinctive.


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