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Hey y’all.

Just looking for some advice on gap shooting. I’ve been instinctive shooting all my life but want to try gap shooting for more consistency. My first try at it I found to things that I’m curious about.
1. I don’t seem to have any gap from 10-20. It’s basically put the point right in the center (up and down) and that’s where it’s hitting.

2.  I see two point unless I close an eye.  Is that normal or am I getting old and should go get glasses.

Any advice much appreciated

The only way I know that you wouldn't see any gap from 10-20 yards is if the arrow is right up under your eye.  In other words, if you have a really high anchor.  Where are you anchoring?

It is natural to see two arrow points.  However, most people have a strong dominant eye, and the arrow point they see through their dominant eye is the one they will automatically use to aim.  Some people have a weak dominant eye, or maybe neither eye is dominant.  They need to squint the eye that is not over the arrow to get rid of the secondary image.  If you are shooting a right handed bow, you would squint your left eye, and vice versa.

I’m shooting three under and anchoring with my middle finger in the corner of my mouth. It would seem like there should still be some gap with that. Just starting on this so maybe after more reps I’ll find something different.

I am a little ambidextrous so maybe that’s it with my eyes? I’ll try squinting my left eye.

Thanks for the info.

My anchor point is very close to middle finger in the corner of my mouth also.  I have a huge gap at 20 yards, with my maximum gap at about 22 yards, because my point on is about 44 yards.  The maximum gap is about half the point on distance. What is your point on distance?

Just to expand a bit, my gaps are about as follows, measured at the target:

10 yards, 1’ under
20 yards, 2’ under
30 yards, 1’ under
40 yards, 6” under
44 yards, point on
50 yards, 2’ over

I'm using round numbers just to give you the idea of how gaps work.  As the arrow arcs up, initially it gets higher and higher over the point you want to hit, and hits its highest point when it is halfway to your point on distance, so that is your maximum negative gap.  As you go beyond the point on distance, you need to hold your aim higher and higher the further away you are, because the arrow is falling at an increasing rate as it loses momentum.


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