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Hello Everyone,

It has been some time since I posted on here the first time about my journey to heavy poundage bows for y own goals in the life of archery I have chosen to live. Calls have been made to try and find ILF limbs past 70 lbs. and have had no luck at all. I thought to practice on increasing my draw on an ILF system then when I am at the poundage I want then buy take down and one piece wood bows. I have called Dryad then Morrison and they no longer make them. Ladies and gents am I out of luck on ILF system and will just have to reach the point where no one makes the heavy poundage I want and then just start buying more bows? Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart as everyone on here has helped me out.

Several years back I looked into heavy limbs for takedown bows. Many bowyers don't like to make takedown limbs past about 70# as the repeated shock of such heavy limbs tends to make them crack and fail after a while. Bolt holes are a weak point compared to a solid limb. Also hitting a target weight while building was tough as they don't build enough to get a set formula for thickness. You might get a bowyer to build you some heavys if you waive anything more than a 30/60/90 day guarantee...…………… YMMV

Sir thank you so very much. I may just go as heavy as they make then just buy one piece or a plain take down. I knew you guys could help a bow addict like me.

I used to shoot heavy takedown recurves but couldn't find what I wanted so I started building them myself. I liked around 73-74# the best but made one at 84#. I shot a mule deer with it then a friend talked me out of it...I've tried buying it back from him but he won't sell it lol.

Martin used to make a heavy limbed take down but no more. I've got one in 75 lb. Not ILF, and I cannot buy limbs to fit the riser anymore. Bow is pushing 40 years old.


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