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Beat Target Panic (Maybe?)

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I'm going to do this.  A question about procedure: in your instructions, you say to do 30 drills a day.  Later, you say, for example, to anchor and let down 5 times, and then do that again at a different distance. When I anchor and let down 5 times, is that 5 drills or 1 drill?

Jim Casto Jr:
30 times a day, total throughout the drills. 

Beginning on day 2, you draw and let down 5 times and each yard to 6 yards.  5 x 6 = 30

Some folks need to 10 in the morning; 10 after lunch and 10 in the evening.  :)

More is okay if you're strong not fatigued ...but NEVER less than 30

Thanks JIm!

Jim Casto Jr:

I read you to be one with the metal fortitude to stay with the drills TO-THE-LETTER.  It might be nice if the fella's I sent these to, might report back with their progress on this thread now and again. 

You wouldn't beleive how many emails I've sent out the last few days--several hundred.

Bad news about that is, there sure are a lot of us closet sufferers out there.   

Yes, I would imagine we're all over the spectrum, from not being able to make it past 2/3 draw to being able to draw and anchor but still having that last little bit of nervousness that makes us shoot too soon and not get as good a score as we should.  That's where I’ve been stuck for about a year.  It doesn't seem like it should take a comprehensive program to get rid that, but wishing it would go away doesn't seem to work either, so as you say, what have I got to lose?


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