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Spot and stalk black bear hunt pointers


This October I'll be going on a spot and stalk black bear hunt in northern PA. I hired a guide but if anybody has any pointers more so about black bear habits and behavior I'll be grateful. This is my first bear hunt and I'm shooting a 50# Slick stick reflex deflex longbow with 525 grain carbon arrows with 200 grain Strickland broad heads. (525 with tips)

The Savage Rabbit:
I went on my first spot and stalk trad bear hunt this passed Spring.  My only input is that you may be surprised at how much easier they are to stalk that deer.  Good luck and have fun!

Fall in PA will be tougher than spring in BC.  BC, you can see 50 bears a day as they are out and about eating new grass like cows and the boar are looking for sows. Plus you have 20 hours of day light. PA you're probably be looking for acorns first, bears second.  Fall bear will be more like sneaking up on deer.  Difference is bear won't be as jumpy as deer and might give you a bit more time to get close if you mess up your sneak and they figure something isn't right.  Deer say forget this and split if they think things ain't right.  Bear lots of time want to know what's causing that ruckus before deciding to split. 


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