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Birthday hog double

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Jeff D. Holchin:
I host a PBS member hog hunt for coastal hogs near Savannah each February.  We had a good hunt in 2017 with a good number of hogs taken, all spot and stalk using boats to access these islands.  A number of TradGangers attended this hunt.  Its a lot of work for me as host and I don't get to hunt much then, as I am much more concerned with getting the other bowhunters some opportunities.  I usually don't get back down there after February due to heat, bugs, snakes and gators getting too bad.  However, a cold front blew through the area in mid March around my birthday, so I hitched up the boat and headed south for a weekend solo hunt.  There was nobody out on the water when I arrived due to the whitecaps from a steady 30 mph wind, and I wondered if I had made a mistake.  However, the hogs were still there and I broke in my new 52# Black Widow PSA2 with a birthday double!  I was using the new Grizzly 200 Grain double-bevel Bruins in front of some Goldtip carbons and they are deadly.


Jeff D. Holchin:
Trying to add pics:

joe ashton:
I never got bacon for my birthday. Good job.

I cannot see the pictures Jeff but congrats!

Bud B.:
Congrats, Jeff!!


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