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Hello everyone. I am new here and new to archery. Found out I love it more than firearms. I am working out and getting myself to form. Later on down the road I want to go on safari for dangerous game with a recurve my favorite bow. Hoyt is my favorite hunting brand and as I understand it they will do some special orders for a price for you. But I wanted to get you gentlemen and ladies who are veterans and experts to please give me your opinion on this. First will Hoyt if I call them will they make me some 100 lb. draw limbs for my recurve? Second what is your opinion on a good safari outfitter? Please be aware it will be some time before I work my way up to firing 100 lb. draw limbs and stalking a Cape Buffalo as well.

Thank you all for your help

Sam McMichael:
I would suggest that 100# draw weight is WAY down the road for a beginning archer and is probably not in the cards at all. You will notice that there are very few hunters here who handle any thing close to that, even for the really dangerous stuff.

However, if you are determined to draw that much weight, plan on a long, long training regimen. Go slow. Personally, I don't think you need it. I have pulled that much weight a few times, but I simply don't have the physical makeup to handle it. Few of us do.

If you are new to archery, what makes you think you can pull 100#?  Fewer than 1% of the people on this website are capable of doing this.  I know I can't.  I can't even come close.  That said, you may be better thinking about being able to pull and accurately shoot 75-80#.  That is very tough to do, but doable for some. An 80# bow coupled with a well-constructed arrow and good shooting skills should kill most everything out there.

Mike Faith:
I agree with both replies. That being said, I had an uncle that shot a 100#  longbow years ago, with incredible accuracy, able to take pheasant with it, he was a freak of nature for sure. Just don't get discouraged if you aren't able to reach your 100# mark. The most important thing is developing good form and accuracy...a well-placed arrow out of a 70-80# bow will be much more lethal than an errant arrow out of a bow you can barely pull with poor form. Good luck

hunt it:
First off all of above info is good advice. Very few bow companies will even go near 100# and I'm not aware of any traditional companies that do so any longer. There are used bows out there in this weight range. I'm a heavy bow shooter where 70lb is my normal weight but my maximum is 84# and that takes me almost three months to work up to shooting it well. If you can handle the heavy weights and shoot them every day 4-5 arrows you can maintain it year round but the everyday is required. I will advise that no matter your strength keep in mind that your body was not designed to pull and shoot 100# trad bows. Although it can be done you will regret it as you age in life.

A 75-80# bow with 900gr arrows will kill every critter on earth. I suggest you work up to whatever weight you can handle well and then maintain it.


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