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Calling Alaska Bears

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Dalton Gray:
So I've been baiting for bears up here all this spring and only have had a grizzly come in and now they're out of season for baiting. My thoughts are to try calling bears! I'm big into predator calling in the winter up here for fox, coyotes, Lynx and such but I'm curious to know if it's possible....or smart to try to call in a bear. If you've ever done it or know anything about it then please give me some insight on when and how would be the best way to go abou this.....

Oh it works alright!!   But ... I've never done it in the backyard of those big hump backed brown behemoths!!  I'll let the more experienced than I chime in on that.   All I know is ... Watch your back cuz they come in hungry!!

Seems to work a lot better where there are deer. I called them in SE and PWS but never in the interior.

Dalton Gray:
I do a lot of predator calling in the winter, what do you think about just good old rabbit distress?

I've heard that it works, just never had any luck personally. From what I've heard, it can take over an hour for a bear to decide to respond. Fawn eating brownies can come in like a freight train,,,,,gets exciting!


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