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Grizzly Stiks or FMJ DG for water buffalo

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Big Grizzly Stik fan...BUT recently started shootout Full Metal Jackets and the accuracy and flat trajectory is incredible.

I have a water buffalo hunt scheduled in Argentina in a couple of months and I am really confused now..

I have heard of FMJ's failing(splitting) or more so the HIT system, by competitors. Does anyone have experience one way or the other?
I also will have a hard time getting the FOC I really would like to achieve with them...
Shooting #70 and somewhere in the 900 gr arrow range.

Benny Nganabbarru:
I answered on your other thread that I have mostly used Grizzlystiks, the big ones. But... Shoot the big fellas with whatever you like, as long as you have confidence in it, it flies well, it is heavy enough, and has weight up-front. Many different arrows have been used to kill buffalo with tradbows, so there's no right / wrong way as long as the above provisions are met.

Benny Nganabbarru:
I think I got really unlucky with one of the earlier Grizzlystik Safaris, and split it around the insert upon impact with the shoulder (probably on the very thickest, worst part) of a sickly old feral horse (brumby). Ended-up putting the poor fella down alright, but was disappointed.

HOWEVER... I have since used Grizzlystik Safaris (or whatever they are called these days) with no complaints whatsoever on the real big stuff. I am convinced they are the arrow for me when it comes to tradbow / carbon combinations for buffalo.

That said, I'm keen to get a buffalo with good old wooden arrows, like my good mate did.

Benny Nganabbarru:
That brumby incident was a fair while ago... maybe eight years or so?

I wouldn't use the AKBH grizz sticks...but the Axis with glued in 8 gr weight tubes, the metal collars and the VPA 250 or 300 gr head.

That gets you to right at 900 ish gr, easy to setup and tune for arrow flight first, start a little long then cut from the nok end. Once tuned then add the tubes.

I will take the skinnier shaft on animals you have to squeeze the shaft through bone- like buff. Compare those Grizz logs to the axis- no contest.


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