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alone in nothern Ontario

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Soon i will go North of lake Huron (hwy 17, North of Espanola) hunting Moose for my food. I know it is a home to large Wolves, Cougars, and B.Bears. They would not like me there stealing their food. And I am food there as anything else is. This is my first visit there.

I am strongly against killing, but rather hunting without two half inch calibers bodyguads protection, cameraman, fist aid guy, , ...
Going alone with 45# Bow, nacked fingers, some Arrows, a Bear spray and a stick for defence and a tent.

what is your advice

It will be an adventure for sure.  Keep your head in the game and pay attention to what is going on around you.

45 pounds is marginal at best for moose and not legal in some areas.  Make sure your arrows are flying perfect and that you have a proper broadhead that is very sharp.

Good point. Will take my Buffalo 50#.
Arrows are new and good, 400 spine, broad-heads are sharp 125 gn, and I am mostly within a Rabbit size circle from 20 yards with nakid fingers (no finger slip or mechanical releaser, just nothing).

take some dermabond for accidents, if you cant get it get some good cloth bandaids and some good superglue. make sure the superglue has a cap that is reusable so you don't just get one use out of it. don't walk on fallen logs. lol the bark can slip and you may get impaled on a branch. good luck and go for it.

your biggest threat is going to be the bugs bring some repellant or a thermacell and plenty of refills,, nix the 45 lb bow minimum bow weight for moose in Ontario is 50lbs, its the law.. don't worry about wolves or the bears, concentrate on having a good time


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