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What glove do you use when bowhunting with a sidearm?

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When I was originally researching this, I found jack squat, so I figure on the off chance anyone else is interested, I'll post an update:

Tried shooting with the cavalier elite tab today, and loved it.  I've been having two problems since getting back into archery: inadequate finger protection, and I've been short drawing the bow a little bit.
The tab fixed the protection issue, and the adjustable shelf is helping me with establlishing a better anchor point.

It became immediately obvious however, that the tab would not just flop out of the way when drawing a side arm.  I'll be playing with simply ripping off the cord lock for dry fire training (with the sidearm, not dry firing the bow) to see if I can remove it quickly enough to get an acepptable draw stroke.

The key is to find a handgun that has a trigger guard large enough to accommodate a glove of any type.  Sig's and HK's have pretty large trigger guards.  I can shoot my Sig with my shooting glove.

Bill Turner:
My question is what, dangerous game will you be hunting and where? Concentrate on getting close and putting a sharp broadhead in the boiler room with a minimum amount of noise. Shot selection is paramount. I don't consider a pistol to be effective against dangerous, game although it is better than nothing. By law, most truly dangerous game hunts will require a guide to be present. Let him tote the firearm and you worry about your shot. As for tab or glove, shoot the one your most comfortable with. Good luck and shoot straight.   :archer2:

mj seratt:
I was in a tree stand when a red fox came along and stopped right under me.  I was wearing an old Bear glove, but had a .41 magnum in a shoulder holster.  Thinking I could get the sixgun into action quieter, I pulled it.  After silently cocking the revolver, I eased my trigger finger into place.  I forgot about that big ridge of leather sewn on top of my finger, and the gun shot as quick as I inserted my finger.  The fox crouched down low on the ground, wringing his tail in a circle, and I thought for a second I had hit him.  Nope, he was just winding his mainspring.  Last I saw of him, he was going over the hill with his tail outrunning his nose.

I've never carried while bowhunting, but the most "dangerous" I've hunted has been black bear.  In fact, the only time I carry is when traveling just in case I encounter an immoral coward.

However, I wouldn't have an issue with the tab or glove because I'm RH but shoot a bow LH because I'm left-eye dominant.

I love the Cavalier Elite tab even though I shoot 3-under.


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