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Terry Green:
OK guys....if you were going to shoot a 1000 grain arrow at an OZ buff, would you prefer one shafted loaded and flying perfect, or one shaft inside another for added strength flying perfect?

Would a 110# spined carbon be strong enough by itself if loaded and flying perfect?

Would you consider a fiber glass shaft?  And if so, what weight would I expect from a 29" BOP glass shaft?

 I remember reading somewhere about an archer who took a few buffalo and used solid fiberglass "fish arrows" Seems like they also performed penatration tests on a dead Rino with the same arrows. Have you ever heard of this? Those arrows are mighty heavy.

Cory Mattson:
Terry --  One - is it makes no diffrence to me how a hunter arrives at their heavy arrow. Several methods work and I think all would perform equally well. Stuffed is cool - sleeved is cool - fish arrows are cool. You mention 110# spine - something to watch out for here is that when you add weight - you lower the spine value - and by a lot more than most folks would guess. I am shooting a 2020 with a 1716 inside - these two spine values on paper are well above the 65# that actually shoots the arrows perfectly. Same thing with Rick's recipe - - we shoot 2219's with a full sleeve of gold tip inside. I can remember shooting 2219's out of 70# bows a long time ago - and yet we get perfect arrow flight with the gold tip in there out of 80 to 85 # limbs now. Monty went from fish arrows to stuffed carbon - and he gets those very stiff - and heavy arrows to push off traditional design longbows very cleanly. I have noticed among some of my friends that the stuffed arrows are not as consistent in weight as sleeved --- not that you couldn't - but it is another step to watch

Who was it that filled aluminum shafts with sand for weight? later, Harry.

Rick McGowan:
Cory, is right it makes no difference how you get there, but I will tell you when I first started working up my buff arrows I had some serious headaches. We get spoiled shooting "normal" weight bows, all you do is check a spine chart, slap some big feathers on it and go and usually that is good enough, but when you get to shooting animals like buffalo that tend to get annoyed when you bounce arrows off them, not to mention the guy with the big rifle behind you is not to happy about it either. If there was a small diameter heavy weight shaft that I could buy all I wanted, whenever I wanted I would use them in a second. I tried some 100-105 spine Forgewood shafts and they were awesome, but they are hardly ever available. The fish arrows that Monty uses on everything EXCEPT BUFFALO are only about 55# spone weight, his small diameter carbons don't have enough spine for me either. The GT BigGame 100+ is as close as I have been able to come to an off the shelf buffalo shaft so far, but it is still to light in grain and spine. Rick


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