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The Ursus:
Ok, I know they don't have sharp teeth, claws, or the ability to trample you, but given the nasty and physically demanding terrain they inhabit, I feel they are worth of being added to the dangerouse game forum.  Plus, I just like talking about them.  
So who's been hunting for them?  Who's planning a hunt?  Who has stories?  Let's get this topic rolling!!

The Ursus

Mountain Goat Hunting!  I would love to do that someday.  However, due to the cost and/or poor odds of drawing a tag, "someday" will probably be a long time from now.  

Ursus, could you give us some ideas on what time of gear is necessary for a goat hunt?

Chip Cavin

Excuse me.  That last sentence should have read: Ursus, could you give us some ideas on gear necessary for a goat hunt?

Charlie Lamb:
I've hunted sheep and stalked goats with a camera. Where they chose to hang out really puts me off. It was ok when I was younger, but guess my nerve is slippin.

Steve O:

I don't think young has anything to do with it.  Sense just starts to creep in.  I (34) hunted sheep last year.  I decided I probably wasn't going to goat hunt after that.  The terrain they hang out in is plain SCARY compared to the sheep mountains.


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