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Droping bow arm upon release...? Video.

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Al Kidner:
Hi all,

 Well just come in from a little bow practice in the back yard and to add in a bit of fun I thought I'd video my form.

 Well all looked O.K but I did notice that I'd drop my bow arm a little upon dumping the string, what does this do to your shot and arrow placement?

 Also How do I post my video link? Not sure, any helpers on here?

Regards,  alan in Oz.    :wavey:

Hi Alan!
I think you are supposed to keep it up until your projectile reaches the target. (your arm, that is.) :saywhat:  

Photobucket now hosts video, have you an account with them? Here is my pluck;



Dropping your arm will cause you to shoot low on shots over probably 15 yards away or more.  If you push with your bow arm it will help with the dropping.  Joseph

Dave Worden:
Just concentrate on keeping your bow hand pointing at the target until AFTER the arrow hits the target.  Dropping your hand should only make the arrow go low, but it can also go left or right if you don't drop it straight down.  Bottom line, drop your bow hand and you don't know where your arrow's going to hit.

Al Kidner:
I'll try PhotoBucket ASAP. See how that turns out. Stay tuned.


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