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Tradgangers let me introduce you to one amazing little girl.

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I had the honor of meeting Kristen Friday. Kristen is an 11 year old 5th grade student who is and A-B student. She loves science but not math but works real hard in all her subjects because this young lady aspires to be a veternarian when she grows up. Kristen is legally blind. She has what her mom describes as center block vision, which means if she is looking at you within talking distance she can only see your hair, neck and ears. But Kristen will shift her head to get pieces of your face...then her brain puts these pieces of the puzzle together to form a picture and then she will recognize you. Kristen isn't allowed to participate in sports but knew there something out there that was "her sport". Clarence Taylor a dedicated archer and vice-president met Kristen and immediately began a friendship. She has a plastic longbow that someone gave her and she came to my range this weekend to shoot. She is one sweet young lady and a great attitude. She would stand at the stake and process the target and then shoot. And she would hit more than she missed. Not bad for someone who has been shooting only a month and a half. I know how tradgangers like to help children and thought their would be some good hearted people on here that would donate some of their craft to Kristen. I am in the process of making her an armguard, and any other trad gear would be greatly appreciated. This little girl loves to shoot her bow and make 3D shoots and assured me that she would harvest a deer with her bow someday. Some of the compounders are trying to convince her and her mother that she would be better off with wheels. Lets jump in and show our love for trad archery and children and help her out! Thank you and I will post pix  of her in the next thread. kd

Meet Kristen!

Kristen shooting at moving gator and she hit it!


Kristin with her coach Clarence Taylor.

Another of Kristen and Coach Taylor


Meet Kristen!



Bobby, you got any ideas what kind of arrows she needs? And PM me an addy, we'll see what we can do to help out.

what bow weight can she handle?. and how tall is she loyd


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