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Guy's I put together a short vid of a dozen or so shots, with a few shooting the FITA bow...hopefully to show than the basic archery form is all the same..whether your shooting a self bow to a full blown FITA rig.

of course you are a skilled archer.

I am just curious where you anchor with your barebow bows.  It kind of looks like you have a "floating" anchor, maybe it is just the video but it appears to be off of your face.  

While it appears you have a good dynamic release, in one of those shots it looks like you come forward to find your anchor.  For most people coming forward causes a colapse in back tension and negatively effects the release.

Also, do you shot point on or gunbarrel.  I asked because it looks like you have a high anchor

Double Creek:
Thanks Rod, that was great......

"I am just curious where you anchor with your barebow bows."

 Wayne, when using a side of face anchor...I'm using a deep hook on the string and middle finger anchored on a molar tooth...with some of the shot clips being a few years old, some are a corner of the mouth anchor.

I changed from my normal corner of mouth anchor, for the very reason you mentioned.......when I drew the bow to a proper line...I needed to come forward to find my anchor, then increase back tension...I finally bit the bullet and decided to move my anchor farther back.

 I shoot gap

Great video Rod! Really appreciate you sharing it. Super consistent form.


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