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Rob DiStefano:
This is a right hand ILF Barebow recurve kit for youth to adult archers that I assembled.  For 3D, 18m, or 50m Barebow events ... or just learning archery.  Barebow is an extremely popular USA shooting division of World Archery.  Lots of local club 3D events are perfect for this kit.  Shooting style is typically stringwalking, gap, or even instinctive, using 3 fingers under or split finger grip styles.

Barebow is a shooting event with equipment rules that forbid sights, rod stabilizers, and clickers - hence, a "bare bow". 

For more info about Barebow, please email me directly ...

You may not know about the kit components but they are very Very good.  Included will be a matched set of personally built Cross-X 28" carbon arrows fletched with spin vanes.  Just add a tab and armguard ... and have a fun archery experience.

This kit can easily be converted to a JOAD Olympic recurve ... and I can assist in that capacity.

This kit can be had with a heavier holding weight limb set ... and I can assist in that capacity.

A very light holding weight kit is perfect for working on form ... or handy as a "rehab" bow.

WNS Explore DX ILF 25" riser, adjustable limb alignment, adjustable tiller, w/removable grip
Core Prelude glass/wood 70" 26lb ILF limbs (28lbs @ 28")
Shibuya DX plunger
Spig ZT magnetic rest
Personal built custom BCY Mercury Dyneema 30s bowstring w/.019" Halo center serving.
Personal built custom brass riser weights


Shipping included in the USA only.

Walt Francis:
Might look good next one of my selfbows:



$150, I'll pay $200 if you add a patriot arrow  :biglaugh:


--- Quote from: Kbob on May 26, 2024, 08:22:55 AM ---$150, I'll pay $200 if you add a patriot arrow  :biglaugh:

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