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Been to Africa 4 times. Have seen a lot of zebras. Have not got one close enough to shoot at yet! I will shoot the first one that gives me an opportunity if I get to go back. They are one of the most wariest, easily spooked critters I have ever been around!!!!


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I was told the same thing Bish that I may not get a chance at a Zebra.  As it worked out I had 2-3 groups come in close enough for shots.  After shooting the first one, the outfitter told me I could shoot another one for 1/2 price.  I probably should have taken him up on it.  However, I had to draw the line somewhere as far as taxidermy work and shipping goes.  Really the cost of the hunt is reasonable, it is getting there and the taxidermy and shipping costs that make the hunt expensive.

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I totally agree : zebra is a smart critter and very difficult. In the place I hunt in Namibia  (low fence) they are really a headache. I finally connected with one this summer but it needed a really long shot (30 yards). Fortunately placement was good and the zebra made 100 yards.     

Where and who did you hunt with in Namibia?  I also hunted in Namibia with Makalaan Outfitters.

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