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Late season double up!!!!!

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I got out the last couple days and doubled up on the last afternoon. I shot this whitetail doe at 4:00pm at about 12yds. I tried a new broadhead out on this doe, The 150gr Wasp Traditional, and it performed flawlessly. I could see the blood pouring out of her side until she fell over dead about 30yds from the impact site!


She only went 30yrds, and I watched her fall. I got out of my blind, took a few pics, and drug her over behind the blind. Then got back in to see what else would show.

Much to my surprise, an axis doe came out of the brush, not 10 minutes after I sat back down in the blind. It looked like she was just going to cross out in front of me about 75yds. She went beyond where I could see, and I thought she was not going to come by me. Well, a few minutes later, I caught movement out the window, and it was her, coming closer. I was at the ready when she finally came in. I shot her at about 12yds also (actually, both deer were probably within about 1yd of the same spot when I shot them).


This was at a friends ranch where there is a large herd of free range axis. I have been there many times, seen axis almost every time, but never been able to get one shot! Those axis deer are, by far, the spookiest deer I have ever tried to hunt! I plan to have the axis hide tanned, and try to make a pillow or two out of it.


Congrats, that's pretty cool!

Congrats again Bisch!  Great to see some more ldp's!

those axis hides sure make nice decorations... well done!!!

Very cool, Bisch!  Love the axis!


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