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So, what's  your go to camera?

personally I really like my Canon Elan 7. good heft, but not too much. controls are easy to access. Definently plan on gettin a bigger lens.

Also just entered the digital age with a Kodak easyshare Z760. pretty neat little camera.

Used to own a Canon AE1-P absolutely an awesome camera!


I like Canon too. I have an Elan 2E 35mm and a powershot S60 digital. I am looking to get another digital, one that will take my lenses.

This is gonna take a while, though.

$$$$$  :scared:  

Canon 20D and Rebel XT digital bods.  Looking real hard at the Panasonic Lumix compact digitals.  They weigh about 3 pounds less than my current setup of the 20D & 17-40mm L.  A whole lot cheaper to replace should I take a fall or get soaked.


I was looking at the 20D, and also the 5D. Both have features that I would like. Aside from the obvious difference in price, why should I go for the 20D over the 5D?


Forgive me if I don't get back to this soon, I have a ton of stuff to do today and will be gone over the weekend.

Mine is just a little Sony DCS-P200,it's tiny,but it's great in my pack and takes nice hero px,decent scenery pix....


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