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A few days with Ray

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knife river:
roknjs, have you already escaped D.C.?  When you've got your new addy in Alaska give me a shout and I'd be tickled to send some things your way.  Be even happier to deliver them in person, if some kind of hunt was involved... GGG

Wow, Great story and pictures.

This (great thread) occured while my puter was down so I missed it "in the making", so to speak. However Woody had sent me pics of the points he was planning to take on the hunt, and I had asked him to let me know how it turned out. Yesterday he e-mailed me, to commiserate about my puter woes, and give me the link to the thread. So very glad you did, Woody. I gotta remind y'all that I tried to tell you about 8 months (if memory serves me) or so ago that Woody Blackwell's DVD on Flintknapping was the best. I even put it in the Products Review Forum. Ya gotta pay mo' attenshun to this ol' Marine - I just don't ramble on - well, not all the time anyway. Then I got to meet him (by surprise) in his humble person at the Baltimore Shoot. Killie and I got to shoot with him (two or three times) and one of his sons, Joe. I reported in that thread about him, his knapping, his shooting, his son, and what a great companion (and father) he was to shoot with.   SEE?

(cont'd - for some reason my puter is cutting my posts in half)
Ya gotta pay mo' attenshun to this ol' Marine - I just don't ramble on - well, some of the time anyways. Now we find out Woody is also one heck of an observer and recorder of sights and words of the kind of hunts we love, to boot. I am so glad you found Ray to be a good companion to rejuvenate your lost - no, misplaced - love of hunting and I bless him for giving you that opportunity. I hunted SCs Savanah River area for hogs (as well as Sumter, SC,  later) but before I had swithed to all trad. You, Woody, brought it all back, in my minds eye, but in a much more traditional flavor. Bless you, my friend, and may more such adventures reward you as time progresses.

(BTW - Woody has another DVD coming out soon, The last I heard. The man, as Killie hinted, never toots his own horn that I have seen - or "heard".)

ttt - Great story and pics!


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