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A few days with Ray

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knife river:
To set the scene, here's a "before" pic:


And here's an "after" pic:


The "who" was Ray Hammond:


The "where" was thousands of acres in South Carolina along the Savannah River.  Hog Nirvana.  The Shangri-la of Pork.


The land above the river was a mixture of pine plantations, open fields, and mixed hardwoods.  It hadn't rained much lately but the hogs had plenty of impressive wallows:


The low country along the river was other-worldly.  Dark, cool, and quiet, it felt like a green cathedral with the giant trees buttressing an unbroken canopy.  


We were the latest in a long string of hunters to walk these woods.  Some of the other hunters left their tools behind, some unfinished, some broken.


I picked up a worn out dart point, probably a Kirk Stemmed point, and Ray said it was a good omen.  He was probably right, but did it mean we'd have good hog hunting or should I just look for arrowheads?  Omens can be tricky things, especially for a guy who gets confused by fortune cookies.


Way cool, Woody! I will be back for more!

Killdeer  :wavey:

John Krause:
Off to a good start. You got me hooked........

I think Ray needs to invite every Tradganger down one at a time to hunt. Can I go next? Can I, huh?   :)

Excellent pics and a great beginning to the tale.

Ray Hammond:
did you notice the manicure on that fellas hand????   :scared:      :wavey:

How can a guy with fingernails like that bust up rock for fun and profit???????

If I pick up a rock I get dirty. Woody had chips flying everywhere for two days and didn't even have to wash up...wait till I show you the stuff he made!

I have to tell you- he claims he is all rusty at this hunting stuff...hasn't done it much in a long time....yeah, right...he's a stealthy little bugger and got after 'em despite the heat and humidity.

Wish he lived closer!


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