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My Best in 2006


Here is a picture of my best Buck of '06.  Only a 6 pointer but a nice 15 1/2 inside spread.  What was sweeter is that I took him during the gun season with the same arrow I had killed the previous three deer with.  See;f=1;t=038766;p=1#000000

Hummingbird Dyna Stick take down 54# @28.  Gold tip traditional light 55-75 30" With a 150 gr screw in Wensel Woodsman. Total arrow weight around 540gr.  Lung liver pass through at 8 yards with the deer quartering towards me.  Just the distance I like....  The deer went 40 yards and piled up.


Good luck to all in 2007.


That's great Nook..congrats!!

Congrats! I think I would keep that arrow around for awhile  :)


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