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Hi all

 Was refered to this site from a friend off another site.

 Been a bowhunter for 24 or so years but always with training wheels !

 A friend found this Wing Pro at a garage sale for $18.00 !  I played around with it for a while then decided to get serious this year.  My first outting with it and first shot at an animla with it was a success and I was able to fill a second antlerless tag with it later in the season.


Here's the second Wing kill of the seaosn for me.


Good shootin'..Congrats!!!   Welcome to the site

GREAT Start and Congrats  :thumbsup:

Steve Branson:
WOW!! A BIG congrats!! Those are some nice deer, second one definately a muture doe. Where are you at in Indiana? I live in Knox (Starke County).


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