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Unforgettable Kentucky season!

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Things started out a little slow for me this fall with the warm temps and over abundance of acorns in my area. My stands were placed in the right places and I seen deer on the first two hunts however they were pretty much scattered about not having to focus on any particular tree or trees. I decided to take things to the ground and focus on a few different spots I had tucked away in my mind. These spots were ground hunting spots only with out any decent trees where I needed to be for a stand. Besides I had decided against the moving of stands and hanging new ones anyway, thinking the element of surprise and zero intrusion would be my ace in the hole. It was worth a shot!!
  I won't go into detail of each hunt since I'd have to type all day to recall the amazing details but to say things worked out perfectly is an understatement. On my next four consecutive hunts I filled a tag. The first three deer were taken from the ground with my leafy suit. The last tag was from a low hung tree stand in a large pine. One other aspect that made this all so special is the fact that I harvested the first three deer with my own hand made spruce shafts I hand planed from a board. They were two fletched with turkey feathers from birds I've taken myself. And dyed with kool aid.
  The first evening hunt resulted in a young button buck shot at 20yds. It was getting late and I honestly thought it was a doe.
  The second evening hunt was a nice two year old doe shot at 13yds.
  The third evening hunt in a new location was my buck only spot. It's a pinch point where once again can only be hunted from the ground. Another 20yd shot and I had my first buck with trad gear. He sported three points on one side and a long spike on the other.
  The final hunt that tagged me out was in a stand I hung for late October and November. Nice cold front came in and I was in the stand before daylight. Took a big doe at 6yds.
  I'm so grateful to have been blessed with such a special traditional season it's hard to put into words. I'm still pumped like each hunt was only yesterday! My confidence is soaring higher than ever!!
  I used my Bodnik Little Stick 58" 45@28" bow. My own b55 string and homemade silencers, handmade spruce arrows tipped with Magnus classic ll 125gr 1 1/4" two blades, and the last deer Easton aviator full length tipped with 150gr snuffer 3 blade. All arrows two fletched. I have pics but have never been able to post them on this site. Even my computer smart friend had no luck posting them. If anyone is interested in posting them for me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks and good luck to those still hunting!!

Trenton G.:
Congrats, sounds like you had a great season!

I could try and get them up for you this evening if you send me the pictures. I'll pm you my email address.

joe ashton:

Congrats on all your success!!!!!


Trenton G.:
Here you go.








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