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A farrier rasp Bowie knife

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Sam Harper:
Last year, there was a YouTube competition where a bunch of YouTubers made Bowie's. I didn't participate in the competition, but after watching all the videos, it inspired me to try to make one. I had only made one before. The design of this one was sorta kinda inspired by Kyle Royer (the way I made the handle anyway). The handle is a take-down construction.

It's a Bellota rasp, mild steel fittings cold blued, and mesquite handle.

At some point, I'm going to make another one. It was definitely one of the more difficult knives I've made. I haven't made a sheath for this one yet.

mj seratt:
I like that knife a lot.


Sam McMichael:
Really cool.

Dang!! Nice work Sam!  Awesome - crisp lines  :clapper:

Whoa, beauty!


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