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Saga of the Gut Hook & "Bunny Hunter" Knife

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Thanks, Ishiw and VTm. I also cut a flat place in the edge of the burr for my thumb and recessed the flat place on the antler for the tip of my secondfinger to bear on (when gripped as in the top pick).

Bernie, you are way too modest. Those are beautiful knives! Well done! I see the Marines taught you how to hold one too! LOL!

LOL - Well you are right about the last part anyway, DB, and thanks for the other parts. I must admit, I am pretty pleased with them - since I have always loved knives, and never had any idea I might could turn out ones myself that I would like in my "collection" -   :goldtooth:

Great work Bernie !!!

Thanks, Chuck my friend - best of the New Year to you and the boys!!!


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