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Got the whip from Dan toelke about 1 month ago, its a great bow to shoot, smooth and fast, We are having some problems with a mountain lion on or lease he has killed several deer now and we are trying to hunt him down, his tracks where old so the dogs picked these bobcat up and the whip got its first kill, the mountain lion will be back and hopefully we will be ready

Dan Toelke Whip 53@27 60" beeman mfx arrows with 100gr insert and 125 gr mangus stinger 4 blade broadhead

Gerardo, That is AWESOME guy! A little dissapointing it wasn't the lion but hey that will work any day of the week in my book.
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Jesse Minish:
Congrats on the cat. They are a trophy for sure. Is that a walker I see behind you?

Congrats  :thumbsup:

yes , a running walker , great brave and energetic dogs,
thank you


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