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Texas 11 pointer...

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Went down to the Solana with the "Gang" and took a nice 11 pointer with a couple of broken off tines.  You can check out the full story on the Solana thread on the Pow Wow.

20 yards, double lung, and a 65 yard recovery...


And sorry for the blurry/bloody pic (taken with my phone...), but it is the only real good one to show the "11th" point off the right base and the broken browtine on the left, and G3 on the right...


Also shot 2 does, but didn't get pictures of them.  One was a 12 yard spine shot with a 15 yard finishing arrow through the lungs, with no distance to recovery.  The second was a 27 yard shot through the lungs and top of the heart, with a 40 yard recovery.  Full stories can be seen on the same thread on the Pow Wow...

Used for all, a Morrison Shawnee (60# @ 29"), "A" riser with "E" carbon/foam limbs, Gold Tip arrows, and a Magnus 1 2-blade.  Three arrows were complete pass throughs, and the 27 yard shot was a pass through up to the fletches but stayed in the deer. (hit the "meaty" part of the backside of the shoulder)

Congrats again brother!!  You sure got things rollin' for us.....


Terry Green:
Yeah Boy....glad I was there!!!  Congrats again!  :readit:

Congrats  :thumbsup:


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