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The Waldrop PacSeat
« on: July 07, 2022, 01:09:17 PM »
We are proud to announce the new team (Danny Breault and Tim Shiver) at The Waldrop Company. Home of the Waldrop PacSeat. We have joined forces with David Waldrop in the manufacturing and development of new and exiting additions. We have successfully engineered a Turkey that is ready for shipping. The Turkey Seat is similar to the Standard PacSeat with the exception of it sitting roughly 8 inches lower. We have also developed a GameSac for mounting to any of the PacSeats. We are in the process of developing more exciting additions and will be posting those in the near future. We have plenty of stock on both the Standard PacSeat as well as the Turkey PacSeat. Now is the time to purchase! Please don't wait until hunting season as they will go fast. We would love any feed back you have on your experience with the PacSeat. Visit us at

We have now produced the GameSac that is custom made for the PacSeat.

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