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Crossguns in PA

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Ron Vought:
I have been in many debates with the crossgun community on other forums and this same discussion comes up about recruitment. I just don't buy it. The crossgun hunter elects to use the crossgun for normally two reasons....easier to use and requires less time. Seems our society today is all about 'less time' and people want things that are easier with no work involved.

The crossgun debate should be about two things....what is the true identity of bowhunting and how does the weapon impact our season. These two areas need discussion.


Goose smasher:
I agree completely with you guys that crossbows are not trad bows.

 Another thing to think about is not alienating a group of hunters. We need to be united. Well funded anti hunting groups want to end our hunting and they will chip away at us little by little until they get their way. If one group of hunters fights with another group of hunters then its easier for the anti's to win.

 If the traditional hunters won't work with the crossbow hunters why would the crossbow hunters stick up for the trad hunters if they became the anti's target? What if there was more crossbow hunters then trad hunters and they lobbied to have us taken out of the hunting seasons?If there's more crossbow hunters then trad hunters we could lose.

 Like I said before guys my province has had crossbow hunting during archery season for over thirty years and I really don't see the harm in it.

 Ask yourself this question.If you or heaven forbid your son or daughter was in some sort of accident and could no longer draw a bow to hunt would you hunt (or allow them to) with a crossbow or stick to your guns and no crossbow hunting during bow season?

 I have the highest respect for everyone who loves their traditional bows and have put years into living the traditional lifestyle. I think its fantastic and I'm really enjoying getting into the scene myself. I just think fighting the crossbows is a losing battle. Maybe we should say to the crossbow hunters that crossbows are ok and hey ,have you ever tried a recurve? Maybe not all of them would get into the trad bows but some will. You catch more flies with honey.

Ron Vought:
No problem with a truly handicapped hunter using a crossgun but prior to the crossgun being legalized in PA the word handicapped or disabled was truly being abused to obtain a crossgun permit. Crossguns are not archery hunting. Where do you want to draw the line on archery equipment and how does it impact our seasons?

It's not all about the weapon we choose to use its all about getting the right kind of hunters involved with fighting the anti's. We have many hunters that are opportunists plain and other words all they care about is hunting and never get involved with hunting related issues so by uniting what does that mean when only a handful of people are doing all the fighting? Pure numbers will not defeat the anti's or legislation that negatively hurts hunting...its having the right kind of hunters in our ranks. Those that actually do something versus just taking the opportunities to hunt.


Ron Vought:
I was standing in one of the larger archery shops in PA today and overheard a guy inquiring about a crossgun. The clerk asked him "why do you want to use a crossgun versus a vertical bow". The response from the customer was that  he didn't have time to be proficient with a vertical bow and that the crossgun was easier....sounded to me that the guy wanted a short cut into the archery season. Sight it in and go hunt...




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