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Crossguns in PA

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I wish you guys would stop talking negative about crossbows. They bring more people into "archery" as you can see from this photo. This young man is being instructed on how to properly hold the "bow" and direct the projectile to the target. I'm not sure if he's using the gap method or just instinctive. I see he's using a release aid so obviously a more modern style of shooting. It doesn't look like a thumb ring will work here. I'm not sure which bowyer made it nor am I familiar with the wood combination in that riser.

Sorry guys, I couldn't help myself. The da-- things are legal now for the whole archery season in Maryland, have been for a while. I get it,...that its a leathal and effective weapon, but I'll be dam--- if it's archery. My biggest fear with them is safety.

The picture is from the Maryland Crossbow Federation website where they state "We earned you the right to hunt with your crossbow the entire hunting season."  You can bet they will be working with other state federations to do the same in every state. In Maryland that means they can hunt with a crossbow from September 5 - January 31.

It's more than enuf to have to talk about CROSSGUNS, but there will be NO images of such machines allowed @ Trad Gang

Ron Vought:
Just because they are legal doesn't just make it archery or bowhunting. You need to look at the weapon and understand there could be a negative impact by adding them into the bow season. If the kill goes above and beyond the biologist forecast the season will never be extended or worst case shortened. I think most bowhunters just assume their season will stay intact. Here in PA the cross gun kills are under the microscope and closely being monitored. I have never heard or seen concern coming from PA in regards to bowhunters and their harvest percentage until the crossgun was implemented. The way I see it the crossgun should not be legal in bow season due to it capability and impact on the season.

Sorry but I don't feel they are some how part of archery or bowhunting. Where do we draw the line on the true identity of bowhunting and archery....when a crossgun fires a bolt at 1,000 FPS with a 209 primer?


Rob DiStefano:

--- Quote ---Originally posted by Hatrick:
I wish you guys would stop talking negative about crossbows. They bring more people into "archery" as you can see from this photo....
--- End quote ---
i could care a rat's pitoot less about the notion of crossguns "bringing more people into archery" because CROSSGUNS ARE NOT ARCHERY.

i have nothing against crossguns EXCEPT when the powers that be decide that these machines are the same as traditional archery bows, let alone wheel bows.  THAT is total NONSENSE.

CROSSGUNS have NOTHING whatsoever to do with ARCHERY!

one doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to see that they are "GUNS", not "BOWS"!   WHY???  [*]because they are preloaded and can be kept in that state for hours if not dayze
[*]because a hunting weight crossgun can be cocked with a tool that can operated by a child
[*]because a hunting weight crossgun can be "fired" by a child
[*]because they ARE "guns"

crossguns belong in the GUN hunting seasons, NOT the ARCHERY hunting seasons.

we need to have archers, particularly traditional bowhunters, stop promoting crossguns - those folks can do that themselves, and all we're doing is shooting ourselves in the head.


That's why I posted the picture (sorry about that Rob) of that stupid looking contraption thats been allowed in the archery season. I would be the last person in the State of Maryland to ever advocate for their inclusion in the "archery" season. They're like the plague moving from state to state.

Ron Vought:
I'm convinced this is the only site left on the Internet where we can have a debate about the crossgun. All I can say is there must be a lot of 'licking the manufactures boots' going on within the hunting community. Really sad to see.



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