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Author Topic: Novelty Shoot ideas for Trad Event  (Read 3790 times)

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Re: Novelty Shoot ideas for Trad Event
« Reply #20 on: April 18, 2006, 01:46:00 PM »
Here is something that I have thought about doing at our club shoot on Camp Lejeune, get a deck of cards minus the Jokers and put them on a piece of cardboard. Its like Black Jack with a archers touch. charge $2.00 bucks a shot and ply with Vegas single deck rules or make your own. Vegas rule are no more than a six card run, and a natural beats a running hand. At the end of the day you look at scores and see who has the best hand. If you have a tie, then its a two card shoot off. Just a thought.
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Re: Novelty Shoot ideas for Trad Event
« Reply #21 on: April 18, 2006, 10:46:00 PM »
Run a 2x4 across with a pulley mounted at each end.  Make sure the pulley's are loose and will turn easily.   Take two, one or two liter plastic pop bottles and fill them with water.  Tie a length of cord around the neck of each bottle long enough that you can run the cord over each pulley and yet the bottles will hang down on each side an equal amount.

Have two archers compete side by side, each guy has his own bottle to shoot at.  each time the bottle is hit water will run out, the more water that runs out the other guys bottle will go down (the other bottle go's up)  First guy's bottle that go's to the ground lose's...

Lot of fun to shoot and alot of fun to watch.


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Re: Novelty Shoot ideas for Trad Event
« Reply #22 on: April 24, 2006, 05:40:00 PM »
Just finished construction on a variation of the dunking booth.

Drill 2 holes opposite each other near the edge of a poker chip. With the chip placed over a target face, tie the lower end to a steak on the ground. The upper end string is passed over a bracket or arm above the target then run back toward the shooter but to the side. Here it is attached to the lip of a bucket that is seated on a pivot point. (I used a broomstick attached to the bottom of the back 1/3 of the bucket, and the stick sits  upon 2 gun rack supports) The bucket assembly is attached to a post or a tree of approiate height with a seat for someone underneath. When the chip is hit the string is freed and the bucket tips its contents.

Cheap to make. Will be using it for the first time this weekend at the Sterling Harrell Memorial Shoot in LA. Planning on placing the names of both the shooter and the voulenteer who gets wet into a hat to draw for the prize.
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Re: Novelty Shoot ideas for Trad Event
« Reply #23 on: April 25, 2006, 04:17:00 AM »
Put a "Buck" target out at about 20-25 yards or so. Then put a "Doe" target right in front of the buck,  partially or mostly obscuring the vitals of the buck. Then post a sign at the stake saying: "BUCK ONLY! Hit the doe,  lose 5 pts. Wound the buck and lose 3 points.  Refuse to shoot,  lose 10 points" or some variation on that idea. You can score it any way you want to.

Theme targets:  Have a wolf target facing down 3 javelinas on, say, lane #5.  Then have a cougar or bobcat target and a cardboard fiddle on lane #6 followed by a "cow elk" slightly elevated somehow with a foam moon under her on lane #7...and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Make it an "ETHICAL SHOOT" - Score 10, 8, & -5 for a wound(outside the kill zone) or 5, 3, & -2 for a wound (outside the kill zone). Have 1 or 2 extra animals/targets  oriented in a questionable or risky circumstance and reward the shooters who DO NOT engage.

Give certain species "protected status" , say canines and felines, and place them in front of or partially obscuring kill zones of "legal game"  then dock shooters points for hitting the "endangered species."  

Put an iron mask or plate with a 6 inch hole in it in front of the kill zone of a target. Shooters have to shoot through the hole or they will break or damage an arrow...

I really like the water bag or 2 litre bottles of water on the pulley thing mentioned above, too.

Just ideas.
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