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The Last Dance


Rob DiStefano:
The Last Dance

Horn and Bone,
Wood and flesh,
String and sinew,
As one they mesh.

Bow bent back,
Arm straight front,
Feather to flesh,
The end of the hunt?

Predatory sight
Shaft let fly,
Magic released,
Will it live or die?

One thing dies,
One thing lives,
Hunter vs. prey
The only law nature gives.

Prey makes the hunter,
Hunter makes the prey,
Forever in natures dance,
The two must play.

Blood tells the tale,
Artemis rules this day,
Hunter follows the ruby road
In forever’s sleep it lay.

Rush of joy,
Rush of sadness,
Swirling feelings,
Essence of the hunter’s madness.

Kill what you love,
Love what you kill,
Strange is the dichotomy,
Of the hunters will.  

Bellows the horn blown,
To mark this victorious tragedy,
A warriors respect given,
In the one note melody.  

-- Derek Wrigley


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