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Last hunt of season

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A great night to try for one more deer. I had been playing around with an old 45# 58" Bear Grizzly and put together some tapered cedar Acme shafts, 75 grain woody weights and a 160 grain Simmons Treeshark.  At fifteen yards these 630 grain arrows were dead on.
 After a short hour of sitting five bald deer started to move my way.  I was excited to try this new setup that I had been shooting for several weeks. Sharpening the Tree Shark with a Rada Wheelie and honing with a leather strap board had me shaving hair off my arms, I couldn't wait to try the arrows on live game instead of a broadhead target. Two deer came in under 13 yards, but no shot angle evolved to my liking. The third deer was my focus now. To get to full draw was a ten minute ordeal with three sets of eyes to contend with.  The shot presented itself with the deer still slightly angling toward me. I held the light 45# Bear at full draw for a good 6  seconds with control and focus. The arrow went right were I wanted it to and hit with a crack sound. Off it ran with 15 inches of arrow pushing back out.
 Only waiting 20 minutes to examine the point of impact revealed immediate, beautiful bright red blood on pure white snow  as far as I could see up the trail. A plentiful blood trail on snow never gets old, so I just walked slow and enjoyed the easy tracking, seeing blood 35 yards ahead me the whole time. She only made it 60 yards. Examining the doe cavity showed the arrow entered 8 ribs back from the front of the deer and angled down behind the heart. A great hunt for me that I will always be thankful for..


Great job!

Great job and great way to end a season!

Gotta love those sharks! And with the old Grizzly too!


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