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tod becker:
Add in Madison Holm and Isaac
maybe Mark and Ziggler
about 20.
I'm sure there will be leftover hog from friday to cover any extras.

Scooter Trash:
My vacation day for tomorrow has been denied.     :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
It depends on how late I have to work, so I might not make it friday night.
I should be able to sneak across the river for a bit saturday morning, but Mark and I are going to the Minnesota Archery Hall of Fame Banquet later in the afternoon.

Myself Dan Burch, and my little brother are coming with the slingshot trophy. My dad Barry has duties with the American Legion and cannot make it.

Doesn't look like I'll make it today. Will try to come down for the day tomorrow.

Joe Jewett:
A BIG Thank You to Tod and Dianne for pulling this off in Grand fashion!  It's great to keep such an awesome event rolling along.

Thanks also to everyone who helped out in anyway and to those everybody who.showed up!


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