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Joe Jewett:

I'm willing to do a bunch of cooking. I'll bring the Dutch ovens and their table. Let me know what meals!

Scooter Trash:
 I may be able to swing by friday night after work.
 Saturday Mark and I are going to the Minnesota Archery Hall of Fame ceremony.  Paul Laven was supposed to be inducted last year, but because of covid everything was postponed.

This is great. How about Shane and Barry B?  Once we know numbers I can add food too.

tod becker:
Barry will try to make it but he is pretty busy. I believe his son will be there. Not sure about Shane but he knows about it.
Joe, Marion said she could make potato salad or sliders like last year. I have to hog hind quarters that you or I can make depending apon when you will be getting there. I have one of those big propane griddles and a small smoker. Which meal do you want to go for?

tod becker:
Any one that is coming on Friday or Saturday AM and can bring a target, we will add it to the 3D course. Feel free to think out of the box to make it fun, one of my targets is a big teddy bear.


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