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Hogs-Continuing education-testing in progress

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OK, I really want to take you guys along on these tests in progress. As many of you know I'm overwhelmed with the desire to pursuit hogs with my traditional equipment. After many years in the woods with hogs I've learned a considerable amount but there is so much more to learn about this very elusive and intelligent animal. I do believe the Dominant Boars are the most intelligent animals in the woods with their only weakness being their draw to mating, water and food. Oh yea, SCENT!!!!!!

The dominant boar is rarely taken at a food source simply because of his incredible sences. He won't approach a bait without checking it all the way around first. Well, this has led me to scent testing for several years on everything from vanilla to creosote. Follow me along on more real time in-field testing. We are going to be using several products scent related on rub sites. These sites will be frequented only to rub scents on the hogs themselves. This is especially true of the big dominant boar hogs. He we go....

New to me is a local scent product produced a short distance from where I live. I just recieved my first supply of this product and will try it along with other products I have used before and am trying out for the first time as well. Here is the commercial product without the name.


This can be purchased and used by pouring on a tree stump, wallow, or anywhere a hog can rum himself on it. I have nailed a piece of low pile carpet to a cut stump and placed along a well used hog trail and covered it in this new product.


Next is one of my all new products that I've created simply by mixing a few readily available products together. First I took about a quart of liquid from some month old soured corn and mixed it with equal parts diesel, motor oil, kerosene, and one tube of sticky wheel bearing grease. The kerosene cuts the grease enough that all the products will mix together even though one part is water based. This makes a thick but pourable solution. I placed this mixture on the same type test medium, a cut stump and carpet only in a different location along the hog trail. Here is a picture of the product on the carpet.


Here is the trail that runs through my property a few hundred yards behind the house.


 Shhhhhh! Don't tell the neighbor ranchers that I have hogs. They'll try and kill all of them.

OK, The last picture is of a creosote pole I've had along the pig trail.

 They actually have trails leading to the pole and have rubbed it for several years. Recent rains moved the pole into a pile of debris but you can tell by the tracks below it that the pigs are still frequenting the pole. I'll be setting trail cameras along each of these test plots and recording and sharing my finding here on Tradgang. Be patient as this thread may run for months as I gather data. This should be fun and entertaining. Sorry for the picture quality. I had a bad setting on my camera. I vow improvment. Thanks for looking.  CK

Rick Wiltshire:
Perhaps we can help you with data while down there for the Dryad bow build/hunt!  Rick

Bill Kissner:
Should be very interesting and informative.

Here is the trail that runs through my property a few hundred yards behind the house.

Thats just so unfair, I don't have one.  :banghead:  


This is great!  I have to have so many CE credits each year for my license renewal.  Now I can get them by taking an Animal Behavior Course from Professor "CK Littlefeather"  :)   Doc


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