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Let's talk serious about scrapes

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I've read many posts on this site extolling the virtue of... how shall I say this delicately, in case children are reading...

"going tinkle in scrapes"...    
 :rolleyes:    :saywhat:       :rolleyes:    :saywhat:    :rolleyes:    :saywhat:      

Now I can never tell whether those posting are being humorous or not.  So let's get serious.  

Is taking a leak in an active scrape a way to fire up a buck or not?  

As the advertisers often say, "SERIOUS REPLIES ONLY PLEASE!!"



Works for bucks AND does....seriously.

I don't much buy into relieving my self in scrapes.  There are too many chemicals in the stuff we eat everyday that are not absorbed and are passed out our bodies.  As sensitive as an deers nose is don't you think it would be able to detect those chemicals? I think so. So I either take a pee bottle or dig a hole.

That's 50% for and 50% against - not very conclusive...

A good way to know for sure is to find a real active scrape and whiz in it then see what happens....LOL


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